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Deicing Ice Control

man plowing out the snow

When the winter season hits, it’s not only the snow that becomes a problem but the ice that comes along with it.  At our snow plow company we know that ice can be even more dangerous than snow, causing unexpected accidents and creating other potential hazards.  With our deicing services, Buffalo Snow Plowing Pros provides all the services that you need to ensure the safety of your property and those on it.  From proactive measures that prevent ice from forming, to salting and other practices that keep ice from becoming a slipping hazard, our experts will treat your property to the care that it needs.


In dealing with the sometimes sub-zero temperatures that our region has to offer, deicing should be an important part of your winter routine.  Ice can build in many locations both visibly and in undetectable forms, making it a potential slipping hazard that can cause serious injury or other damages.  With our deicing services, we do everything we can to prevent these types of accidents by using professional products and tools that not only melt ice but prevent it from redeveloping for a period of time.  Treating walkways, driveways as well as roads and other areas, our residential and commercial services are here to help keep you safe.


If your property is prone to ice buildup, or you simply want to ensure the safety of those on the premises, our deicing services are available to our residential and commercial clients.  During deicing our goal is to reduce the potential hazards associated the appearance of ice, avoiding situations such as slip and fall accidents, or potential vehicle spin outs.  By using our services proactively, you’ll even have an easier time removing snow once a storm has passed. In creating this safer space, you’ll have better confidence in the security of your property for yourself and those visiting your location.

Quality service

The reasons clients throughout the area choose our snow removal service for their property is because of the expert touches that we bring to the deicing process.  Combining years of experience with the weather in our area, with the right professional products and tools, you’ll see your deicing completed in a fast and efficient matter.  From safe and effective chemicals to salt and other environmentally friendly products, our services are designed to make your property safer from top to bottom.  Including deicing that helps make snow removal easier, our experts are the ones you can trust to care for your property.

Property consultation

When you hire our team for your deicing control, we are dedicated to ensuring that everything is done right from the start.  Accordingly, whether you’ve hired us for a one time service, or you have enlisted our assistance for the season, we come up with a custom plan for caring for your location.  Including discussing where your landscaping begins and particular areas to pay attention to, our thorough team will ensure that we attend to the necessary details.  Guaranteeing quality service from start to finish, we are here to make your property safer with our professional deicing services.