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Salting Services

truck plowing the snow

As one of the best snow removal services in Buffalo, NY, we also offer our clients the salting services that they require to keep their surfaces free of ice.  Our salting services can be applied to a number of areas throughout your property, for both pre and post snow clearing purposes.  Including use on sidewalks, driveways, roads and any other area where snow may fall, our experts will asses your property to determine where this product will be most useful.  By working with us, you’ll have a safer property that’s easier to clear of snow, and that’s more resistant to build ups of ice.

Salting services

Whether you hire our team for a one time service or you enlist us for seasonal care, salting is an important part of our snow removal services.  Salting your property has multiple purposes including the prevention of snow from sticking to pavement as well as helping to avoid the appearance of ice once areas have been cleared.  With our team, we asses everything from your individual property to the impending weather to determine the perfect treatment for you.  Using high quality products in combination with our years of experience, our team will give you the detail oriented service that you can rely on.


One of the most common areas where we apply our salting services is on sidewalks and other communal pathways.  These areas are particularly important because they are frequently used to move from place to place, and can be potentially hazardous when covered with snow or ice.  With our services we help you avoid issues with liability by eliminating the buildup of ice and preventing slip and fall accidents on your property.  Using high quality salting products that are effective, while avoiding damage to pavement and concrete, our goal is to make your property safer for those visiting your location.

Commercial salting

When it comes to salting for our commercial clients, it’s important that our services are tailored to the needs of your individual business.  In addition to clearing snow from your property, we also provide salting services that take the next step in securing your property against potential accidents.  Our salting can be performed both pre and post snowfall, helping to prevent snow from sticking to the ground and ice from forming, making walkways easier to navigate.  In taking these extra safety measures, you can have increased confidence that your property is well taken care of for your employees and customers alike.


In creating a full snow removal program for our clients, an important part of our plan is including salting services that help to improve the safety of your property.  The products we use are both safe and effective, helping prevent the formation of ice while avoiding damage to your sidewalks and other surfaces.  This reduction in ice also helps to lower the potential for falling injuries that can become a liability for the property owner.  With our services, you can be confident that our team is doing everything we can to make your property safer and more comfortable for those visiting.