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Sidewalk Clearing

clearing the snow on pathways

When it comes to commercial and residential snow removal, there’s no better company than our experts at Buffalo Snow Plowing Pros.  As part of our snow plowing services, we provide the sidewalk clearing that your property needs to be safer and more accessible for those entering your location.  Our sidewalk clearing helps your property look neater, while reducing issues of liability that come with an uncleared surface.  We also provide driveway clearing that helps you uncover your car, or provides you with a place to park.  As a full service company, our goal is to provide you with all the services you need to make your property easily accessible.

Sidewalk clearing

Clearing the sidewalks on your property is one of the first things you need to do after a heavy snowfall.  With our sidewalk clearing, our snow plow service in WNY works diligently to create a path from your home or business to the road. Including areas like entryways, side doors, and other passageways, our experts will clear the space of unwanted snow, creating easier access for those visiting your location.  Not only helping you put forth a better appearance, our assistance includes the necessary salting and other treatments that prevent the freshly cleared area from becoming a slipping hazard.


While many people consider clearing their sidewalks on their own, working with our professionals makes the process easier than ever.  Saving you the time and physical labor of clearing the snow by yourself, our services can even save you money when it comes to getting the necessary products and equipment. Instead of injuring yourself by moving heavy snow, let our team do it professionally, ensuring that your walkways are clear and safe for passersby.  Including lower liability with our thorough deicing services, we work on sidewalks of all sizes to make them safer for those coming into contact with your property.

Driveway clearing

In addition to clearing sidewalks, we also provide driveway clearing that makes it easier for our residential customers to access their cars or other vehicles.  Whether you need access to your garage, or you want your home to have a more manicured appearance after a snowfall, we are here to provide the assistance that you need.  In performing this service, our clients are able to move their vehicles from the road to their garage, as well as have a cleared space for other cars.  From start to finish of your snow clearing necessities, our team is here to ensure that your property is safer and more easily accessible.

Full service care

At Buffalo Snow Plowing Pros we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our services, delivering our clients the high quality work that we are known for.  Whether you contact us for an individual sidewalk clearing or enlist our services for the entire season, we go above and beyond to provide for the safety of your location.  From proactive snow clearing with deicing chemicals, to preventing ice from building once we remove the snow, our team is dedicated to your satisfaction.  Ensuring that everything is done correctly from the start, you can count on us to help protect your property and the people on it.